Our Story


In December of 2014 John and I (Melissa) went axe throwing for the first time in Toronto with a group of old friends from Oakville. After the experience we got in the car, looked at each other and said “Wow! That was awesome! And what an incredible business opportunity.”

We have been discussing it ever since.

We moved our little family from Oakville to Thornbury in 2016 and are loving our life here in The Blue Mountains. Being part of a small community is refreshing and such a welcoming way of life. We love to support our new entrepreneurial friends and local businesses and strive to offer something back to the community.

Like any good thing, AXED has grown and evolved in a way we could have NEVER predicted. Our initial intention was to open a physical space in Collingwood across from the Canadian Tire and were literally about to hand over our commercial lease deposit when we were thrown a curve ball. Blue Mountain Village expressed an interest in us promoting our new axe throwing venue in the village! Seriously?  It doesn’t get any better than that! But, how would we do that and make it safe? We did some digging and found an axe throwing venue in Whistler (Forged Axe Throwing) that had built an epic mobile axe throwing trailer. We were inspired to create our own version now known as AXED Mobile Throwing Club.

Now we have our fabulous (and insanely popular) trailer AND our AXED Throwing Club which opened Nov 28, 2018 in Thornbury, The Blue Mountains, Ontario. We are so incredibly blessed and grateful to be a part of this special community and LOVE that we have a unique and fun was to give back and more importantly