Private Parties


Okay, let's just cut to the chase here.  Axe throwing is all the rage right now.  Why?  Because it is so much fun, anyone can do it and everyone loves a good old fashioned competition! Plus...its cool. The unique thing about AXED is that we will come to you.  Backyard? Restaurant or bar? Event venue? Park? Camp ground? The beach? Yup.  Those all work!   

Now that we've got your location locked.  Why the party?  Or the question really is...why not?  The most important part is that every party is better when people get to throw axes  (Remember...axe throwing is cool). The obvious events are birthdays and  bachelor parties/bachelorettes.  But, let's think outside of the box for a second.  Costume party?  Come dressed as your favourite axe murderer! Singles mixer? Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Wedding rehearsal? Endless options and we can't wait to be a part of them all!



Reach out for a custom quote and let's get your party started!

Local rates start at $300/hr - min 2 hours